by | May 04, 2019 | 01:24

In Davenport, Iowa , one of the hardest hit areas saw streets turned into lakes after the river breached levees and barriers shortly after noon. Michigan Gov. The gauge in nearby Muscatine showed the river just under 3 feet below the July 1993 record of 25.6 feet. The Midwest and much of the Mississippi River Valley are bracing for historical flooding after another round of heavy rain fell this week.

by | April 20, 2019 | 00:45

Rachel Notley's NDP is holding strong in Edmonton. The two provinces are in talks to develop another pipeline - the 750-kilometre GNL Québec project - which will carry natural gas from Alberta, across northern Ontario and through the Abitibi region to a natural gas liquefaction complex at Port Saguenay.

by | April 19, 2019 | 01:14

For example, if you made the decision to become a more positive person back then, you may notice how optimism has become a intrinsic aspect of your personality by the Pink Moon . If you're wondering what the Pink Moon's color will be, this Forbes article said it will depend on when you look at it: "When observed close to the horizon, not only is the full moon considerably less bright, but it looks orange".

by | April 15, 2019 | 01:13

Last year's test flight put a sports car-Musk's own Tesla convertible-into space . There will be another chance to catch the spectacular landing sequence happen again on April 26, when SpaceX and NASA launch the Falcon 9 rocket on a Dragonfly mission to resupply the International Space Station.

by | April 15, 2019 | 00:50

Update April 11th, 7:15PM ET: SpaceX's Falcon Heavy successfully deployed Arabsat-6A into orbit, and all three of the rocket's cores landed intact after takeoff . "Successful deployment of Arabsat-6A to geosynchronous transfer orbit confirmed-completing Falcon Heavy's first commercial mission!" . And the Falcon Heavy is the most powerful, operational option.

by | April 14, 2019 | 01:30

It is along this edge that light bends around itself in a cosmic funhouse effect. One post on the r/pics subreddit attracted hundreds of comments and thousands of "upvotes" before it was taken down, with many criticizing Bouman at his expense, said Chael , 28, a graduate student in Harvard University's physics department.

by | April 13, 2019 | 07:42

In the 2018 test mission, Heavy's core booster missed the vessel and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. SpaceX's Falcon Heavy proved its merit on Thursday night (April 11, ) when it took off into space on its first-ever commercial launch.

by | April 07, 2019 | 02:01

The Pentagon on Thursday (April 4) stated that it stood by Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan's assessment last week that debris from an Indian anti-satellite weapons test would eventually burn up in the atmosphere, despite a subsequent, more negative assessment by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

by | March 03, 2019 | 02:53

Known as Demo-1, SpaceX's inaugural flight with NASA's Commercial Crew Program is considered a important uncrewed mission created to test the end-to-end capabilities of the new system. It pays Russian Federation to get its people up to the ISS orbiting research facility at a cost of $82 million per head for a round trip. We went to the moon and we won.

by | February 22, 2019 | 01:42

Let's start with the news that sounds like it might make for the best horror movie ... the world's largest bee has been found, after we've spent the last 38 years wondering where the heck it went... Robin Moore, a conservation biologist with Global Wildlife Conservation , which runs a programme called The Search for Lost Species , said: "We know that putting the news out about this rediscovery could seem like a big risk given the demand, but the reality is that unscrupulous collectors ...

by | February 20, 2019 | 01:57

We get a supermoon when the moon is full or almost full and also at its closest point to Earth along its slightly elliptical orbit. According to NASA, the term snow moon or "hunger moon" was coined by Native American tribes in the United States for the second full moon of winter.

by | February 15, 2019 | 01:59

The scientist said the machine "has given us a larger world". "I will never forget the fantastic work that happened here". The findings will advance understanding of how all rocky planets, including Earth, formed and evolved. JPL Director Mike Watkins explained that they had rigged a system in which they turned the rover off at night to save energy, which he likened to flipping the breaker on your house off at night to turn the light out, and back on in the morning before the ice cream ...

by | February 08, 2019 | 01:53

Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being criticized by conservatives after she outlined the goals of a "Green New Deal" to combat climate change . Follow Jason on Twitter . The freshman congresswoman made the remarks alongside fellow Democratic Reps. Use of wind and solar power would be dramatically increased under the plan.

by | January 22, 2019 | 00:42

But what does the name mean? "A lunar eclipse can only happen during a full moon, when the moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the sun". It will also be the year's first supermoon, when a full moon appears a little bigger and brighter thanks to its slightly closer position (what some people have termed a " super blood wolf moon").

by | January 19, 2019 | 00:50

The sun-Earth-moon alignment has to be just right to produce a total lunar eclipse from Earth's point of view. Unlike a solar eclipse, where the moon crosses the path of the sun, it is perfectly safe to look directly at the lunar eclipse.

by | January 16, 2019 | 04:44

Being able to grow food makes the idea of using the moon as a base for Mars exploration more viable. The moon Sunday night will be the first in a series of three full supermoons, which is when a full or new moon is at or near its closest approach to earth in its orbit, or perigee, according to EarthSky .

by | January 09, 2019 | 01:28

Her proposal is aimed at restricting the Government's freedom to use the Bill to make tax changes linked to a no-deal Brexit without the "explicit consent" of Parliament. But Eurosceptics including Boris Johnson are demanding that the PM pushes on to take the United Kingdom out of the bloc even if there is no agreement in place.

by | January 04, 2019 | 19:32

The Leubers family came to the park from Nebraska. "Who knows how it'll be tonight". The president, in a tweet on Tuesday, rejected the legislation that provides border security money but no funds for the wall. Kristen Brengel, vice president of government affairs for the National Parks Conservation Association , said the shutdown not only hurts the parks but also surrounding communities that rely on an estimated $18 million a day from tourism.

by | December 28, 2018 | 00:16

More than 7 inches has been reported by WCCO Weather Watchers in northwestern cities like Underwood and Ottertail. A major Winter storm will affect the regions Wednesday night through Friday with heavy snow and blowing snow. Wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour also are possible, creating whiteout conditions. Forecasts are calling for ice and from 2 to 12 inches of snow Thursday.

by | December 27, 2018 | 01:29

It would have marked SpaceX's first so-called National Security Space mission, as defined by the US military, SpaceX said . The 31 now operational Global Positioning System satellites belong to four different iterations - Block IIA, which launched from 1990 to 1997; Block IIR, which lifted off from 1997 to 2004; Block II-RM, which launched from 2005 to 2009; and Block IIF, which took to the skies from 2010 to 2016.

by | December 27, 2018 | 00:55

Japan says it is leaving the International Whaling Commission to resume commercial hunts but says it will no longer go to the Antarctic to hunt. Japan's withdrawal from the 89-member IWC came after the body rejected its bid to restart commercial whaling in September.

by | December 22, 2018 | 02:47

In the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice , the day with the least amount of daylight, occurs on 21 December nearly every year. The date and time of Winter Solstice, featured in a special Google Doodle Friday, vary by the year, though it typically falls between December 19 and 22.

by | December 18, 2018 | 01:00

The two test pilots - Mark "Forger" Stucky and former NASA astronaut Rick "CJ" Sturckow - will be awarded commercial astronaut wings, said Federal Aviation Administration official Bailey Edwards. "But let's not forget that space is also hard and we daily recognise the commitment and sacrifice that has been so consistently shown by our unbelievable Mojave family".

by | December 10, 2018 | 02:50

In the video posted on Twitter, NASA said mission engineers will eventually move the seismometer off the lander and onto the ground. "But one of the things [the InSight mission] is dedicated to is measuring motion on Mars , and naturally that includes motion caused by sound waves".

by | December 10, 2018 | 01:22

Musk also shared the video of a rocket landing on his Twitter account. The head of the company SpaceX Elon Musk has said that for some unknown reason stopped the hydraulic pump, which reveals one of the brake plates (rudders) to the desired position.

by | December 07, 2018 | 00:56

Globally, coal-fired power accounts for 40% of Carbon dioxide emissions, and more than two-fifths of the world's electricity. GLOBAL EMISSIONS of carbon dioxide are all set to register an all-time high in 2018, driven by a strong growth in emissions from India, according to the latest annual report of the Global Carbon Project .

by | December 03, 2018 | 15:50

Protesters have scaled the Arc de Triomphe in central Paris , as clashes with riot police continue during a third weekend of "yellow vest" rallies. Protesters have blocked roads across France and impeded access to shopping malls, factories and some fuel depots. There he met with firefighters, police officers and restaurant owners.

by | November 24, 2018 | 01:20

Experts believe the 28-mile (45-kilometer) wide basin could have collected and preserved ancient organic molecules and other signs of microbial life. Jezero's ancient lake-delta system offers promising sampling targets of at least five kinds of rock, including clays and carbonates that have high potential to preserve signatures of past life, NASA said in a press statement posted online.

by | November 11, 2018 | 11:17

Mrs Foster told the newspaper: "The prime minister's letter raises alarm bells for those who value the integrity of our precious Union and for those who want a proper Brexit for the whole of the UK". The spokesman also noted that UK Prime Minister's Theresa May stance in negotiations is a betrayal and she has breached the promise. The essence of the proposal of the Ministers is to continue to pay membership dues to the European Union until 2021 and to follow the rules of the unit, avoiding ...

by | November 10, 2018 | 01:21

The paper was written by Professor Abraham Loeb, the director at Harvard's Center for Astrophysics's Institute for Theory and Computation, and Shmuel Bialy, a postdoctoral researcher. But 'Oumuamua didn't have a "coma", the atmosphere and dust that surrounds comets as they melt. A handout image of an artist's impression released by the European Space Agency (ESA) shows Oumuamua - the first interstellar object discovered in the Solar System - June 27, 2018.

by | November 08, 2018 | 01:31

Since a deal that included keeping all the United Kingdom inside European Union customs rules was rejected by Prime Minister Theresa May on October 14, negotiators have worked to narrow differences. The DUP's Donaldson, whose party has repeatedly criticized Dublin's approach, said a no-deal Brexit would have serious consequences for Ireland's economy and he "can't understand why Irish Government seems so intent on this course".

by | November 07, 2018 | 02:33

That means that they are located at a distance from the stars that orbit where liquid water, a vital ingredient for life as we know it, can accumulate on the surface of these exoplanets . The most recent analysis of Kepler's discoveries concludes that 20 to 50 percent of the stars visible in the night sky are likely to have small, possibly rocky, planets similar in size to Earth, and located within the habitable zone of their parent stars.

by | October 29, 2018 | 08:21

The report also analysed the trends of different factors causing pollution since 2010 and it said transport emission in the national capital has increased significantly at 41 per cent in the last eight years. In view of this and considering previous years' experience, the task force recommended a few additional measures as proactive steps to deal with the situation for consideration by the Supreme Court-appointed Environment Pollution Control Authority.

by | October 24, 2018 | 16:25

The discovery was made as part of Operation IceBridge , the largest ever aerial survey of the planet's ice around Greenland and in Antartica. An ice shelf is a large, floating chunk of ice attached to a nearby land mass, and Larsen C is just the latest on the frontline.

by | October 12, 2018 | 01:39

Downed powerlines are seen after hurricane Michael passed through the downtown area on October 10, 2018 in Panama City, Florida . Medical Sacred Heart hospital, which had its windows blown in by the storm said it was running off of generators and patients have been moved to safe areas of the facility.

by | October 11, 2018 | 04:00

The Carolinas, still recovering following Hurricane Florence , could see heavy rain, potentially causing flooding. Storm surge is also inundating some areas along the Panhandle. "Water is going to come up, it´s going to cover your roof". "Be safe and leave", he said . First coined by FEMA Director W. Craig Fugate in 2004, the index is based on the extent of operations and service at the 24/7 restaurant chain following a storm and indicates how prepared a business is in case of a natural ...

by | October 11, 2018 | 04:03

Trump said Federal Emergency Management Agency has been briefed and is preparing for the storm. A statement from Ivey's office warns of possible wide-spread power outages, wind damage and debris as the result of high winds and heavy rain.

by | October 10, 2018 | 02:31

Hurricane-force winds extended outward up to 35 miles (56 kilometers) from the core and tropical-storm-force winds out 175 miles (280 kilometers). "Everybody's got to get ready". "Families should take the opportunity today to make sure they have three days of food and water, as well as all needed medications", Governor Scott wrote on Twitter .

by | October 07, 2018 | 02:35

Roscosmos' director claims the Russian space agency has experienced some problems in cooperation with its USA counterpart NASA - a development he blamed on anti-Russian sentiment. "This conclusion does not necessarily mean the hole was created intentionally or with mal-intent", NASA said. The space agency heads had an initial conversation about it by phone on September 12.

by | October 04, 2018 | 03:05

Three scientists from the United States, Canada and France won the Nobel Prize in physics Tuesday for work with lasers described as bringing science fiction into reality. Arthur Ashkin , the American who developed "optical tweezers", became the oldest Nobel Prize laureate at age 96. Jessica Wade, a physicist at Imperial College London who was at the CERN event and unhappy about Strumia's comments, said having a female Nobel victor was also important given the current fight over US ...