by | November 11, 2018 | 11:17

Mrs Foster told the newspaper: "The prime minister's letter raises alarm bells for those who value the integrity of our precious Union and for those who want a proper Brexit for the whole of the UK". The spokesman also noted that UK Prime Minister's Theresa May stance in negotiations is a betrayal and she has breached the promise. The essence of the proposal of the Ministers is to continue to pay membership dues to the European Union until 2021 and to follow the rules of the unit, avoiding ...

by | November 10, 2018 | 01:21

The paper was written by Professor Abraham Loeb, the director at Harvard's Center for Astrophysics's Institute for Theory and Computation, and Shmuel Bialy, a postdoctoral researcher. But 'Oumuamua didn't have a "coma", the atmosphere and dust that surrounds comets as they melt. A handout image of an artist's impression released by the European Space Agency (ESA) shows Oumuamua - the first interstellar object discovered in the Solar System - June 27, 2018.

by | November 08, 2018 | 01:31

Since a deal that included keeping all the United Kingdom inside European Union customs rules was rejected by Prime Minister Theresa May on October 14, negotiators have worked to narrow differences. The DUP's Donaldson, whose party has repeatedly criticized Dublin's approach, said a no-deal Brexit would have serious consequences for Ireland's economy and he "can't understand why Irish Government seems so intent on this course".

by | November 07, 2018 | 02:33

That means that they are located at a distance from the stars that orbit where liquid water, a vital ingredient for life as we know it, can accumulate on the surface of these exoplanets . The most recent analysis of Kepler's discoveries concludes that 20 to 50 percent of the stars visible in the night sky are likely to have small, possibly rocky, planets similar in size to Earth, and located within the habitable zone of their parent stars.

by | October 29, 2018 | 08:21

The report also analysed the trends of different factors causing pollution since 2010 and it said transport emission in the national capital has increased significantly at 41 per cent in the last eight years. In view of this and considering previous years' experience, the task force recommended a few additional measures as proactive steps to deal with the situation for consideration by the Supreme Court-appointed Environment Pollution Control Authority.

by | October 24, 2018 | 16:25

The discovery was made as part of Operation IceBridge , the largest ever aerial survey of the planet's ice around Greenland and in Antartica. An ice shelf is a large, floating chunk of ice attached to a nearby land mass, and Larsen C is just the latest on the frontline.

by | October 12, 2018 | 01:39

Downed powerlines are seen after hurricane Michael passed through the downtown area on October 10, 2018 in Panama City, Florida . Medical Sacred Heart hospital, which had its windows blown in by the storm said it was running off of generators and patients have been moved to safe areas of the facility.

by | October 11, 2018 | 04:00

The Carolinas, still recovering following Hurricane Florence , could see heavy rain, potentially causing flooding. Storm surge is also inundating some areas along the Panhandle. "Water is going to come up, it´s going to cover your roof". "Be safe and leave", he said . First coined by FEMA Director W. Craig Fugate in 2004, the index is based on the extent of operations and service at the 24/7 restaurant chain following a storm and indicates how prepared a business is in case of a natural ...

by | October 11, 2018 | 04:03

Trump said Federal Emergency Management Agency has been briefed and is preparing for the storm. A statement from Ivey's office warns of possible wide-spread power outages, wind damage and debris as the result of high winds and heavy rain.

by | October 10, 2018 | 02:31

Hurricane-force winds extended outward up to 35 miles (56 kilometers) from the core and tropical-storm-force winds out 175 miles (280 kilometers). "Everybody's got to get ready". "Families should take the opportunity today to make sure they have three days of food and water, as well as all needed medications", Governor Scott wrote on Twitter .

by | October 07, 2018 | 02:35

Roscosmos' director claims the Russian space agency has experienced some problems in cooperation with its USA counterpart NASA - a development he blamed on anti-Russian sentiment. "This conclusion does not necessarily mean the hole was created intentionally or with mal-intent", NASA said. The space agency heads had an initial conversation about it by phone on September 12.

by | October 04, 2018 | 03:05

Three scientists from the United States, Canada and France won the Nobel Prize in physics Tuesday for work with lasers described as bringing science fiction into reality. Arthur Ashkin , the American who developed "optical tweezers", became the oldest Nobel Prize laureate at age 96. Jessica Wade, a physicist at Imperial College London who was at the CERN event and unhappy about Strumia's comments, said having a female Nobel victor was also important given the current fight over US ...

by | October 01, 2018 | 02:45

Rosa still had maximum sustained winds of 120km/h this morning and it was centred about 515km southwest of Punta Eugenia in Mexico. Some isolated areas might be more. Swells generated by the hurricane were also expected to produce life-threatening surf and rip currents off Southern California. One to three inches of rain could fall in Phoenix and Tempe, according to a flash flood watch issued by the National Weather Service in Phoenix.

by | September 27, 2018 | 02:18

The former Tropical Storm Kirk is moving quickly to the west-northwest, a few hundred miles east of the Windward Islands. The only active storm in the Atlantic is Subtropical Storm Leslie . Georgetown County spokeswoman Jackie Broach-Akers said officials were planning on going door-to-door and residents were being "strongly urged" to leave.

by | September 23, 2018 | 04:56

Even though Florence was downgraded into a tropical depression, officials say conditions are still unsafe. Leaders in the Carolinas warned residents not to get complacent, warning additional horrors lie ahead before things get much better.

by | September 23, 2018 | 04:27

Many in North and SC are lining-up for just the basic necessities like food, water, and ice and more than 10,000 families remain in shelters. "We have stores in those areas that are affected and its important for us when partnering you know were always willing to give a helping hang to help out those disasters".

by | September 22, 2018 | 00:36

President Trump will visit North Carolina on Wednesday to view areas affected by the storm , and Bender said said the president "absolutely" needs to visit Pollocksville and other small towns. The North Carolina Pork Council (NCPC) argues, however, that in the years following Floyd, the hog industry has taken "significant steps" to minimize the threat of flooding, even closing 334 lagoons located on flood plains.

by | September 19, 2018 | 02:11

At least 23 people have been killed as a result of the storm, which made landfall on Friday as a Category-1 hurricane. After Hurricane Matthew in 2016, one waste lagoon failed, and 14 others were inundated, according to the N.C. The death toll rose to at least 34 in three states, with 26 fatalities in North Carolina, as Florence's remnants went in two directions: Water flowed downstream toward the Carolina coast , and storms moved through the Northeast, where flash floods hit New Hampshire ...

by | September 19, 2018 | 01:30

Neither Maezawa nor Musk would disclose the price of the flight, but Musk said that Maezawa - who had been one of the two customers for SpaceX's earlier plans for a circumlunar flight on a Dragon announced almost 18 months ago, but since shelved - had already made a down payment.

by | September 18, 2018 | 02:40

Police guarded the door of one store, and only 10 people were allowed inside at a time. "There is no access to Wilmington". The Little River, the Cape Fear, the Lumber, the Neuse, the Waccamaw and the Pee Dee were all projected to overrun their banks, possibly flooding cities and towns.

by | September 18, 2018 | 02:37

Most of the fatalities occurred in North Carolina , where officials confirmed eight victims. Trump previously declared states of emergency in North and SC, and Virginia to the north. North Carolina congressman discusses the response to Florence. They don't have electricity themselves and many of their windows are still boarded up.

by | September 17, 2018 | 00:54

Maximum sustained winds are near 35 miles per hour (55 km/h) with higher gusts. Tropical storm conditions are possible within the tropical storm watch area, also beginning late this morning. They said: "A tropical storm warning is in effect for all of the Azores Islands". No storm watches or warnings have been issued for the Virgin Islands and the winds of Isaac are not expected to impact the territory.

by | September 17, 2018 | 00:51

More than 60 people had to be rescued in another town as a cinderblock motel collapsed at the height of the storm's fury. More than 505,000 homes and businesses are already without power, and energy companies warn up to three million homes and businesses could lose electricity.

by | September 16, 2018 | 19:42

Decreasing modestly in strength but expanding in size, Category 3 Hurricane Florence is less than 48 hours away from making landfall on the Southeast American coast with catastrophic impacts, from damaging winds to flash flooding to widespread power outages.

by | September 16, 2018 | 19:39

More than 415,000 homes and businesses were without power Friday morning according to, which tracks the United States' electrical grid. The hurricane was "wreaking havoc" and could wipe out entire communities as it makes its "violent grind across our state for days", the governor said.

by | September 16, 2018 | 19:37

In contrast to the hurricane centre's official projection, a highly regarded European model had the storm turning southward off the North Carolina coast and coming ashore near the Georgia-South Carolina line. SC announced the decision on Wednesday. Areas along the coast from Cape Fear to Cape Lookout, NC, including the Neuse, Pamlico, Pungo and Bay rivers may experience storm surges from 9 to 13 feet.

by | September 16, 2018 | 19:38

At 2 p.m., Florence had just barely Category 1 hurricane strength, with top sustained winds of 75 miles per hour. Hurricane Florence became a deadly storm Friday, claiming three lives in Hampstead and Wilmington as it roared into, and stalled over, the Wilmington region.

by | September 16, 2018 | 18:59

Conditions deteriorated throughout Thursday as wind speeds gradually strengthened in coastal areas. The storm's forward speed had slowed to 6 miles per hour, and forecasters were concerned it might have stalled. A storm surge warning is in effect for Myrtle Beach, SC to Ocracoke Inlet, NC, and the Pamlico Sound, including the Pamlico and Neuse rivers. But forecasters have warned that the widening storm - and its likelihood of lingering around the coast day after day - will bring seawater ...

by | September 15, 2018 | 03:07

Hurricane Florence's outer edges have started to batter the coast of North Carolina - with winds of 100mph bending trees and shooting frothy seawater onto the streets. Currently, the hurricane-force winds extend outward 80 miles from the center and tropical storm-force winds extend almost 200 miles from the eye. Some 11,000 power outages have been reported in North Carolina.

by | September 13, 2018 | 04:09

From his orbiting perch, Gerst offered Earthlings yet another warning about the hurricane's dangers: "Get prepared on the East Coast, this is a no-kidding nightmare coming for you". This oblique view of the cyclone shows its outer bands just within reach of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina - near where the storm's powerful eye could make landfall.

by | September 13, 2018 | 02:16

Hurricane Florence , heading for the Carolinas , "will likely be the storm of a lifetime" for areas of the coast, according to the National Weather Service early Wednesday. Officials say Hurricane Florence is likely to make landfall in southeastern North Carolina near the SC border. Some 1 million people have been ordered to evacuate.

by | September 12, 2018 | 04:44

And Virginia's governor ordered a mandatory evacuation for some residents of low-lying coastal areas, while some coastal counties in North Carolina have done the same. At 11 p.m., the center of the storm was located about 535 miles west of the southernmost Cabo Verde Islands. NHC Director Ken Graham also warned of "staggering" amounts of rainfall that may extend hundreds of miles inland and cause flash flooding.

by | September 12, 2018 | 04:16

Evacuations now extend to 1 million people in South Carolina - Governor Henry McMaster ordered the state's entire 187-mile coastline evacuated by Tuesday afternoon, reports The Post and Courier . NOAAAn NOAA map shows the probability of tropical-storm-force winds hitting the US East Coast between Sunday and Friday. "Florence could dump a foot of rain in places that cannot handle it, making for a very scary flooding situation in some areas".

by | September 12, 2018 | 04:15

EDT Monday. Helene is expected to become a major hurricane by Monday night, but forecasters say it will weaken by late Tuesday. As meteorologist Stu Ostro of The Weather Channel reports via Twitter , since 1851, only four Category 4 hurricanes have made landfall north of Florida on the East Coast.

by | September 11, 2018 | 00:54

Florence could bring a life-threatening coastal storm surge, and inland flooding as far north as Virginia, the NHC said. On Sunday afternoon, Olivia was about 595 miles east-northeast of Hilo and was narrowly registering as a Category 1 hurricane moving west at 12 mph with maximum sustained winds at about 75 miles per hour.

by | September 07, 2018 | 01:37

The 2 a.m. ET update from the National Hurricane Center said the storm had maximum-sustained winds of 50 miles per hour as it moved northwest at 14 miles per hour. But Mayor Latoya Cantrell says they are prepared. The tropical storm could turn into a hurricane and smash into MS with some experts believing it could become a Category 1 cyclone.

by | September 06, 2018 | 13:25

It is unprecedented for a Supreme Court nominee to be named by a president who is an unindicted co-conspirator. "I am a pro-law judge". Trump nominated Kavanaugh , 53, to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, who announced his retirement on June 27.

by | September 05, 2018 | 04:57

The Times-Picayune reports that drivers around the metro New Orleans area are lining up to put sand bags in their trunks. The National Hurricane Center in Miami said in its 2 p.m. There is a Storm Surge Watch in effect for the Mississippi-Alabama border westward to the Mouth of the Mississippi River. "Gordon will not be just a coastal event, and not just wind but also water could be damaging, risky and even deadly, especially if preparations are not rushed to completion as early as ...

by | September 04, 2018 | 03:41

The storm was expected to strengthen over the Gulf of Mexico, and reach the central Gulf Coast states of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana late on Tuesday, the National Hurricane Center said. Rain totals will be lower as one moves northeastward into South Georgia. The storm is now threatening the Florida Panhandle and Gulf Coast with rain, wind and waves.

by | September 02, 2018 | 02:53

Jerry Brown (D), would preclude internet providers from blocking, slowing or favoring certain websites, The Post reported. It would bar providers from collecting new fees from apps and sites as a condition of reaching internet users. Assembly Bill 2658 , authored by the body's Majority Leader Ian Calderon, D-Whittier, cleared the Assembly on August 27 and is headed to the governor.