E3 2019: Bethesda Announces Orion Streaming Technology

E3 2019: Bethesda Announces Orion Streaming Technology

The great thing about Orion is that regardless of how far away you are from a datacentre, you'll still be able to stream whatever game you are playing without any loss.

Orion is "a tremendous breakthrough in streaming technology", according to Altman, and is their name for a group of patented technologies that "optimise game engines for performance in a cloud environment". The game engine-based technology can reduce latency up to 20% and reduces the need for bandwidth usage by up to 40%.

In between your Deathloops and your Doom Eternal announcements this morning, Bethesda announced something called Orion.

So how does it work? "Orion delivers on those goals and will vastly improve streaming video games".

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At its E3 conference today, Bethesda announced Orion, a "collection of technologies" that optimizes game engines for streaming on cloud services like Google Stadia.

"We leveraged our extensive experience in game engine technology to tackle streaming from a different angle - the game engine itself", said Duffy.

To really show off what Orion can do, Doom (the original, not Doom Eternal) was streamed live on stage on a mobile, and as reported, it seemed to work pretty well.

Bethesda also announced during the press conference that players can sign up to try the technology for free through Doom's slayerclub.com website.

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