Ukraine leader calls snap parliamentary election

Ukraine leader calls snap parliamentary election

Monday's ceremony was markedly different from past inaugurations in Ukraine and the usual forbidding grandiosity that marks such occasions in former Soviet countries.

He ditched the idea of a traditional motorcade to his inauguration, walking to the Parliament in Kyiv through a park packed with people. At one point he jumped up to kiss a man on the forehead.

New Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy took his oath of office and delivered an inaugural speech in which he announced the dissolution of parliament in Kiev.

"I don't understand our government, which only throws up its hands and tells me that we can't do anything".

As his first act, he dismissed the parliament still dominated by loyalists of his defeated predecessor, setting up an election in two months in which his new party has a chance to win its first seats.

"It will depend on the date of the President issuing a decree dissolving parliament", the message said.

On Monday, the second-largest party, the bloc of outgoing President Petro Poroshenko, said it would be prepared for a snap ballot, as long as such a step is justified.

With graft a hot-button issue for voters and Ukraine's Western donors, Zelenskiy, 41, urged lawmakers to pass bills clamping down on illicit wealth and ending officials' immunity from prosecution.

In a hard-hitting speech, Zelensky called for the sacking of the head of the state security service, prosecutor-general and defence minister - which has to be approved by parliament. "You'll have two months for that". "Do it and you will deserve medals", Zelenskiy said.

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Volodymyr Zelensky speaks as he takes the oath of office during his inauguration ceremony in the parliament hall in Kiev, Ukraine, May 20, 2019.

Amelie de Montchalin, France's European Affairs minister, said Paris will "support and carefully watch" the reforms announced by Mr Zelensky.

Zelenskiy said the first task was to achieve a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine but added that dialogue with Russian Federation could only happen after it returns Ukrainian territory and prisoners of war. "I'm ready to lose my popularity and, if necessary, I'm ready to lose my post so that we have peace".

Mr Zelensky said they would be brought forward to July. He slapped down a nationalist MP, Oleh Lyashko, who interrupted to shout that people in the separatist areas didn't understand Ukrainian. Experts say that Lutsenko, who is involved in an ongoing effort by allies of President Donald Trump to accuse Ukraine of meddling in US elections in favor of Trump's rivals, has been playing politics in both Ukraine and the U.S. Russian Federation has condemned that law as a provocation and on Monday called an emergency session of United Nations Security Council to discuss it.

"The main reason to dissolve the parliament is citizens' very low [level of] trust n that institution - just 4 percent".

On Friday, several parties in Ukraine's ruling coalition broke apart, a move that gives them an extra 30 days to form a new coalition.

"I proposed to the president, the parliament, that we together form a new agenda and very quickly begin to make decisions that would make Ukraine stronger".

"All my life I tried to do all I could so that Ukrainians laughed", Mr Zelensky, a television comedian, told MPs during a ceremony in the parliament in Kiev.

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