Sandra Bland recorded her own arrest in 2015

Sandra Bland recorded her own arrest in 2015

She was found hanged three days later at a jail near Houston.

Cellphone video Sandra Bland took during a confrontational 2015 traffic stop in Texas shows for the first time her perspective as a state trooper draws a stun gun and points it at close range while ordering her out of her auto.

On July 10, 2015, Encinia pulled over Bland, a 28-year-old black woman from the Chicago area, in Prairie View after she failed to use a turn signal before making a lane change.

Encinia later claimed he ordered Bland out of her auto because he said he feared for his safety.

The 39-second video released by Dallas television station WFAA-TV and the Investigative Network, a nonprofit news organization in Texas, shows the moment Trooper Brian Encinia opens Bland's auto door and draws his stun gun as she tries to steady her phone's camera.

The new video, released on Monday evening by WFAA-TV in partnership with the Investigative Network, was taken by Bland on her own cellphone during her arrest. Bland insists she's not on the phone and has the right to record.

This video footage was never entered into evidence during the investigation of Bland's death. The video has sparked new cries from the family and their attorney for Texas authorities to reopen the investigation into Bland's arrest, according to published reports. However, Bland's cell phone footage wasn't revealed in discovery. Bland's family said they haven't seen the footage before and officials never released it to the public in the past. "He sees the phone in her hand - in fact, he tells her to put it down".

Lambert also argued that the new video shows that Encinia knew that Bland was no threat to him.

The Investigative Network also released a video showing Bland's family and their attorney, Cannon Lambert, watching the cellphone footage for the first time. The video "not only shows that [Encinia] lied, but that he really had no business even stopping [Bland], period", says Shante Needham. See the traffic stop from her perspective.

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Encinia was sacked and charged with perjury, although the charged was later dropped in exchange for Encinia agreeing to never work in law enforcement again.

This story has been corrected to show that the spelling of the Texas Department of Public Safety spokeswoman's last name is Cesinger, not Cesigner.

He said "furtive gestures" made by Bland from inside her vehicle presented a risk and was the impetus for Encinia trying to remove her. It was only after Collister realized Bland's family had not seen the recording that he decided to make it public.

"I've not seen it", Lambert told a WFAA reporter of the cellphone recording.

"The premise that the video was not produced as a part of the discovery process is wrong", DPS said in a statement to multiple news sources.

The footage then shows Encina pointing a taser at Bland. The video then appears to show Encinia unsuccessfully attempting to pull Bland from the auto, before picking up where she began recording.

"It is troubling that a crucial piece of evidence was withheld from Sandra Bland's family and legal team in their pursuit of justice", Coleman said in a statement. He went on to say "The illegal withholding of evidence by one side from the other destroys our legal system's ability to produce fair and just outcomes".

"Wow. You doing all of this for a failure to signal", Bland comments as she steps out of her vehicle. "As Chair of the House Committee on County Affairs that looked into the death of Sandra Bland, I will make sure that the Committee will also look into how this happened".

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