Did Game 1 boos affect Ben Simmons? They sure did

Did Game 1 boos affect Ben Simmons? They sure did

Only the Golden State Warriors managed to win there Saturday in a rough day for the higher seeds. He scored 14 points in the first half (only Simmons had more with 16) and let the Sixers find a comfort level on offence with Embiid out for long stretches. They play Monday night in Philadelphia. Joel Embiid slogged his way through 24 forgettable minutes on his bum left knee. The team's spacing was bad. PF Tobias Harris was the game's biggest disappointment as he finished with just four points on 2-for-7 from the field. Sixers fans took notice, with the boo birds raining down at the end of the first quarter, the end of the third quarter and again at the end of the game. While the loss was a big story, the bigger narrative involved an incident on the bench with Joel Embiid and Amir Johnson.

When Philadelphia needed a basket, especially in the second quarter when Brooklyn was pulling away, Butler put the team on his back.

Ben Simmons' less-than-stellar performance in the Sixers Game 1 loss caused many to question how he would respond in Game 2.

And make no mistake about it. Their ceiling is so, so high.

The scene at halftime in the Sixers' locker room Monday night was intense, the language was unvarnished and the message was impossible to misconstrue. They were aggressive from the tip. Both were key contributors in Game 1, with Davis going for 12 points and 16 rebounds. Another foul saw White given two shots and he sunk them for the victory.

Jimmy Butler played great the first game. Embiid scored 13 points in the third as the Sixers raced to a 29-point lead. Rivers settled on Beverley, but Durant still put up 23 points. On Saturday, he took five 3s in the first half, missing them all.

The Sixers mopped the floor with the Nets. Se he becomes another value pick although at 10.5 Credits its not as cheap as a Dudley, but he is less than half the price of Embiid who even if he plays will be on heavy minutes restriction. It was an emphatic statement for the Sixers, reminding fans of why the new starting five was so highly touted.

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All this is not meant to count out this Nets team.

D'Angelo Russell rang up a scoring burst that helped Brooklyn dial up an upset and filled Philly's home court with a barrage of boos. Spencer Dinwiddie is an analytics geek's dream. Listen, I know we have to stay humble.

Embiid has always fancied himself a 3-point shooter and with tendinitis in his left knee that cost him most of the final month of the season rendering him immobile he chose to camp out a bit more beyond the arc. Jarrett Allen backs down from no earthly man.

But this series is not now and never will be about the Nets.

It might be the ideal way to approach this series as all the pressure will be on the 51-win 76ers to step up and perform like the Eastern Conference contenders that they're supposed to be. Sixers are better offensively, scoring 115 ppg to Nets' 112.2, while both teams are nearly equal defensively, allowing 112.2 and 112.5 ppg.

Simmons' dunk eventually got the Sixers within 107-96 with 3:43 left. A first-round failure could detonate years of careful planning.

But it's another to eject a team's superstar in a home playoff game when their team holds a scant two-point lead over an underdog and is already trailing 1-0 in the series. It is not a guarantee; this is a risky Nets team. It's much like the real world - the more rich and famous one is, the better chance one has of getting off easy. "I understand why they're booing".

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