Star Wars Unveils New 'The Mandalorian' Photos and Details

Star Wars Unveils New 'The Mandalorian' Photos and Details

The two creatives explained that they met when making Iron Man and Clone Wars, both being the first to see the other's creation. In addition to discussing the series, they also showed a sizzle reel to fans in attendance at the convention, and sure enough, it has leaked online; check it out here along with some official first look images...

In the 20th year of LEGO Star Wars, the team is going back to the beginning of the story and releasing 75244 Tantive IV.

He travels the outer reaches of the galaxy alone away from the laws of the New Republic.

Here are new stills of Pedro Pascal ("The Mandalorian"), Gina Carano ("Cara Dune") and Carl Weathers ("Greef"). But now, writer-director Jon Favreau, fresh off Disney's The Lion King, is ready to introduce The Mandalorian to the world.

Favreau also revealed behind-the-scenes footage that included the titular Mandalorian riding a Dewback, a giant lizard from Tatooine.

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'We're having a great time working with this incredibly talented group and excited for everyone to see what we're up to, ' said Favreau in December.

In addition to all of the Star Wars movies, Star Wars Rebels, the series will be added.

The Mandalorian will take place in the same universe as the three Star Wars trilogies, but don't expect any cameos from your favorite film characters.

He's been a life-long Star Wars fan and even managed to nab a cameo role in Solo as the fast-talking Rio Durant. The Mandalorian looks to be the first show that takes that mandate to heart: Favreau has emphasized that the main character will operate in parts of the galaxy not yet explored by the films.

As new planets, new aliens, and new ships (including the Mandalorian's, the Razorcrest) will all debut during the show, it was paramount to include the familiar - which is one of the reasons why the Mandalorian himself is front and center with his iconic armor.

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