SpaceX Successfully Launches Falcon Heavy, Lands All Three Boosters

SpaceX Successfully Launches Falcon Heavy, Lands All Three Boosters

All three boosters in this launch are based on SpaceX's newest Falcon 9 chassis, known as Block 5.

From its geostationary orbit, Arabsat-6A will provide TV, internet, telephone, and secure communications to customers in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Last year's test flight put a sports car-Musk's own Tesla convertible-into space.

There will be another chance to catch the spectacular landing sequence happen again on April 26, when SpaceX and NASA launch the Falcon 9 rocket on a Dragonfly mission to resupply the International Space Station.

Eight minutes after takeoff, the spaceflight company landed the Falcon Heavy's side boosters at the company's two landing zones at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. It's a particularly notable one, being Falcon Heavy's second flight ever and the very first commercial launch for the gargantuan launch vehicle.

"The Falcons have landed", Musk said in a tweet that included pictures of all three boosters.

The Falcon Heavy is the world's tallest and most powerful rocket in use. According to CEO Elon Musk, B1032 had run out of the TEA/TEB (triethylaluminum + triethylboron) fluid used to ignite its Merlin engines, although why the booster ran out of it prematurely is unknown.

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Until SpaceX came along, rocket boosters were usually discarded in the ocean after satellite launches.

A Falcon Heavy launch costs $90 million while the price tag for the Delta IV Heavy provided by the United Launch Alliance is considerably steeper at $500 million.

During Falcon Heavy's maiden flight in 2018, its two booster cores made synchronized landings side-by-side in Florida. As such, this marks the first commercial mission for SpaceX's powerful rocket. It's nearly certainly still in orbit around the sun with a mannequin at the wheel.

About 34 minutes after takeoff, the satellite was successfully deployed.

SpaceX set a company record a year ago with 21 launches for customers. However, this time, the center core also landed on a drone ship at sea, meaning that SpaceX recovered the entirety of its first stage.

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