Top five 2019 NBA Draft prospects after NCAA Tournament

Top five 2019 NBA Draft prospects after NCAA Tournament

It's never fun to lose.

The National Championship Game will be broadcast live on CBS and will also be available on the NCAA's website. Will Texas Tech complete its dominant run in the NCAA Tournament by hoisting the trophy after tonight's national championship game?

The final 6 minutes of regulation was what made this game go from great to all-timer.

Despite this, Culver's title game was hard. We knew we were going to bounce back from past year.

At the start of the 2018-2019 season last April, Texas Tech were slated at 40 to 1.

Trailing 59-51 with under five minutes left in the second half after Hunter followed a Guy miss with a stickback, Texas Tech looked to be on the verge of fading out with a whimper.

It's tempting to call Virginia a team of destiny, but that would undermine what the Cavaliers accomplished this season.

The only difference between regulation is that each team is granted one 75-second timeout, plus can keep using whatever timeouts they didn't use during regulation.

For those with a crack at bracket pool glory, the key question is whether you should consider placing a bet on the championship game to guarantee you win money no matter the outcome. If being resilient in the face of adversity is a trait we admire, then it doesn't matter what the replay review determines about Davide Moretti's pinky finger.

This dropped Culver's slash line to 46.1 percent shooting and 30.4 percent on three-pointers, which won't stir up hype in draft interest.

All of this is the point of sports.

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Has the pain gone completely away?

For Tech fans, that might be slow in coming.

Hunter made another three to make it 50-41 Virginia, sending the Cavaliers into the media timeout with a nine-point lead.

There are championships to celebrate in Texas.

For example, let's assume you're in line to win $1,000 should Virginia win. On Thursday, UT won the Men's National Invitational Tournament, and TCU made it to the Final Four of the Women's Invitational before being knocked out.

Someone flung a tortilla onto the court during the national championship in Minneapolis on Monday night, and apparently it's not the first time an incident like this has gone down.

"When they come into my office, I got a poster of Rocky on the steps", Virginia head coach Tony Bennett said to CBS.

For when the One Great Scorer comes to mark against your name He writes-not that you won or lost-but how you played the Game.
The Cavaliers pulled out odds-defying wins against Purdue and Auburn to reach the NCAA title match and required another come-from-behind effort to take the Red Raiders into overtime.

Frankly, the decision on whether to hedge is up to each individual person and depends on the size of your pool, how much money you can win, your personal risk tolerance, how valuable the amount of money is to you, etc. Texas Tech averages 64.4 possessions.

Majority were being tossed into the air, but the one that hit the elevated floor caused a stoppage in play and a reminder from the public address announcer not to throw things on the court.

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