European Union to offer UK Brexit extension in return for ‘sincere co-operation’

European Union to offer UK Brexit extension in return for ‘sincere co-operation’

The European Union will grant Britain another delay to Brexit on certain conditions, including that it hold European Parliament elections, according to draft conclusions of the bloc's national leaders, who are due to decide on the matter on Wednesday.

Nevertheless, the process of passing a law to trigger Tuesday's debate has further undermined May's political authority, proving parliament is able and willing to circumvent the government if they disagree with her choices on Brexit.

"Our experience so far, as well as the deep divisions within the House of Commons, give us little reason to believe that the ratification process can be completed by the end of June", he said.

Mr Tusk said granting the 30 June extension that Mrs May is seeking "would increase the risk of a rolling series of short extensions and emergency summits, creating new cliff-edge dates". "This, in turn, would nearly certainly overshadow the business of the EU27 in the months ahead".

The Commons Leader made the call after a senior German official said the United Kingdom must take "substantial steps" to break the Brexit stand-off.

Merkel, briefing her parliamentary conservatives subsequently in Berlin, reportedly told them that she could imagine months of delay up to December and that an orderly Brexit, based on agreement between the European Union and Britain, was in Germany's interests.

May has arrived in Berlin to urge European Union leaders to grant a second Brexit delay after Commons failed to back her embattled withdrawal agreement, with the United Kingdom set to crash out of the European Union in three days before the 12 April deadline set by Brussels.

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European Union leaders, tired of the whole Brexit circus, gave a cautious welcome to May's attempt at rapprochement. Coveney added that Ireland plans to support Britain's request for a short further delay to its European Union exit.

The prime minister met with President Macron in Paris this afternoon, ahead of the EU Council meeting tomorrow. Labour Party junior Brexit spokesman Matthew Pennycook said his party supported May's extension plan, but warned the extra time must be used to try and find a compromise with Labour and not to pass her own thrice-rejected deal at a fourth attempt.

UK Government discussions with opposition Labour, so far fruitless, are also set to continue.

The leaders also discussed the ongoing situation in Libya.

Afterwards, she said a delay that ran until the end of this year or the start of 2020 was a possibility.

Leaders will say the extension would not be "allowed to undermine the regular functioning of the Union institutions" and demand the United Kingdom hold EU elections next month.

Further to those, the paper also demands the United Kingdom acts "in a constructive and responsible manner... in accordance with the duty of honest cooperation".

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