Fortnite has added this Apex Legends-inspired feature

Fortnite has added this Apex Legends-inspired feature

Players will drop a reboot card when they're eliminated in squad-based battle royale games; teammates can bring the card to a reboot van to bring some or all players back into the game.

"Rebooted" players appear appear on top of the van, if multiple players have been revived, they will do so one by one. During this time a beacon will alight in the sky, letting any nearby players know about the Reboot Van's activation.

Once a van has been activated, it will be unavailable to use for a period of time.

Epic announced via their "Dev Update" video series that Fortnte will soon have a respawn feature. They can then be brought and used at the Reboot Vans, which can be found at various locations on the map, to bring back fallen teammates.

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The option to revive teammates makes the battle royale genre a bit more forgiving. To resurrect them, all you need to do is collect the card and take it to a Reboot Van. Players who drop onto these areas can expect to see one Reboot Van.

The Reboot Van will be added to Fortnite next week and Epic is asking for fan feedback on the new feature. You can bring eliminated team members back into the game.

After thieving Apex Legends' ping system, Fortnite is now stealing the respawn system by adding in the Reboot Van. There will also be a limited number of Reboot Vans, with the chance that some of them will fall outside the safe zone as the circle shrinks. Earlier in February, Fortnite gave its players the opportunity to get the Season 8 battle pass for free. Epic has confirmed that this feature will be part of the upcoming update. Especially a game so popular that it is really the only threat Fortnite has right now.

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