British passports have removed the words ‘European Union’

British passports have removed the words ‘European Union’

The passport service has clarified that regardless of what the cover says, both designs are equally valid for travel for British citizens.

The introduction of these new passports has angered those applying for new ones who were hoping to hold on to an emblem of European Union membership. United Kingdom passports issued before the United Kingdom leaves the European Union will remain valid travel documents.

Some British citizens planning to travel overseas already have a tangible sign of what life will look like once the country is no longer a member of the European Union: new passports missing "European Union" on the front cover.

The interior ministry confirmed that some passports introduced from March 30, the day after Britain was originally due to depart, no longer include references to the European Union following a 2017 decision.

Susan Hindle Barone tweeted an image of her new passport, issued on Friday, alongside her expired one.

The Home Office was working under the assumption that Brexit day would have been 29 March.

Peter Brady said his passport was wiped of reference to the European Union while his wife Jan was "very unhappy" to have been given a different passport that still had the label on it.

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Ahead of an European Union summit on Wednesday, she was forced to ask them for another extension, until June 30, to prevent Britain departing with no deal at the end of next week.

The travel documents had dark blue covers from 1921, but Britain switched to burgundy from 1988, in common with other passports in what was then the European Community.

At this stage the other 27 European Union members, which must give unanimous backing, appear unlikely to grant the extension.

From the end of the year navy blue passports resembling the pre-EU British design are expected to be released.

European Council President Donald Tusk is proposing to make an offer of a 12-month "flexible" extension to the UK's Brexit date, the BBC reported on Friday, citing a senior European Union source.

Apparently, the Home Office is not simply hedging its bets on the UK's EU withdrawal, though, with officials telling the Independent that the remaining stock of passports bearing the "European Union" cover will still be issued as the newer post-Brexit ones are phased in.

The decision to revive the old blue British passport became an emblem of the government's promise to "take back control" after the 2017 election despite the loss of Theresa May's majority.

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