Trump Sends Out Another Tweet on Border Wall

Trump Sends Out Another Tweet on Border Wall

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will not be among them. However, when he entered Talley Middle School in Wilmington, Delaware, last September, Megan and Bobby made a decision to enroll Joshua back into the school system because they thought things would change.

The State of the Union will be Tuesday at 8 p.m.

The 85-year-old Ginsburg is recovering from cancer surgery in December.

Joshua will be the plus one of the first lady, whose Be Best campaign focuses on stopping bullying.

President Trump will deliver the State of the Union on Tuesday.

"We will build a Human Wall if necessary", he said.

Through his first two years in office, Trump has received a major boost due to generally strong economic numbers.

Later that evening, Trump acquiesced, tweeting that he would deliver the address "when the Shutdown is over". Democrats see little evidence the president is willing to compromise.

WATCH: State of the Union: What's its objective and why does everyone love to clap? Hardaway won the coin toss.

Meanwhile, some White House officials are trying to spin the upcoming speech as positive and unifying.

Both women, known as Diamond & Silk, are African-American and prominent Trump supporters.

Things started off in a normal fashion - on January 4, newly minted Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., invited Trump to deliver the State of the Union in the House chamber on January 29.

Lawmakers often make a political statement with their invitees.

"It's that alternative. It's a national emergency, it's other things".

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Boston Police officers couldn't resist the tune either, posting the video below to their official Twitter account. Brady said he could not attend because of family matters.

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'Good Chance,' Says Trump, I'll Declare National Emergency Declaration to Build Wall
Trump maintains that a wall would be effective in preventing people from illegally crossing the border. "If there's no wall, it doesn't work ", he added.

Inching toward executive action even as many Rs grumble...

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders indicated the president would highlight what he sees as achievements and downplay discord.

Other clips show Abrams talking about impeachment, presumably for Trump, and telling an interviewer that she tells folks she's met herself and "I'm not overly impressed". David Perdue of Georgia.

And Rep. Coleman Watson has invited Victorina Morales, the undocumented worker at Trump's Bedminster, NJ golf club who shared her story with the New York Times.

Also notable during Trump's speech?

Congressional Democrats, for their part, say the state of our union now provides a ideal opportunity for some live-trolling of the president via special invited guests.

At 9pm EST (10am on Wednesday, Singapore time) before a joint session of Congress, Trump likely will stir contention with remarks on immigration policy, after his demand for US$5.7 billion (S$7.7 billion) in wall funds triggered a historic 35-day partial government shutdown that more than half of Americans blamed him for, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling. He accuses Trump of "blatant hypocrisy". The counter-puncher in chief charged Schumer with being "upset that he didn't win the Senate, after spending a fortune, like he thought he would".

The White House tonight announced several special guests attending the State of the Union at the Capitol tomorrow.

The president is also expected to call for political unity and an end to the partisan politics dividing the nation. Conway says he'll go "up to the last minute with (a) Sharpie in hand".

Experts say that Trump may immediately face a legal battle if he opts to declare a national emergency.

The president is also sticking to tradition and hosting television news anchors for lunch. Joshua has thanked the Trump family including First Lady for their support.

Despite his low approval ratings, Trump could be reelected in 2020 if he rallies his base and aggressively drives turnout in the swing states and blue states that he carried in 2016.

Don't bully a Trump - all 4,788 of them.

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