Slightly Mad Studios CEO Announces New Stand-Alone Gaming Console

Slightly Mad Studios CEO Announces New Stand-Alone Gaming Console

In a slightly freakish move, the developer of racing sim Project CARS Slightly Mad has announced that it is making a new console called the Mad Box. When asked by Variety when people can expect this console to arrive, Bell gave a timeline of "around three years time". "Prices will drop with ship quantity but we're not planning on taking as large a cut as other console owners to enable us to cut prices massively", Bell told website Variety.

The tweet alone makes a grand claim for "the most powerful console ever built", a term now saved for Microsoft's powerhouse, the Xbox One X - which is sure to see an even more powerful upgrade when the next generation of Xbox consoles launches, likely in 2020.

According to Bell, the Mad Box is the answer to the growing monopoly problem.

At the moment, The Mad Box is quite a ways off from release.

Slightly Mad Studios is certainly ambitious with their plans for the Mad Box console.

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The Mad Box will be a worldwide console, and rather than going the crowdfunding route, apparently Slightly Mad Studios has already recruited "multiple investors" that the team is looking into for the "best offers".

The console world has seen a lot of competition.

When pressed, Bell clarified that he meant 60fps per eye, or 120fps total, but it still differs from the way fps is usually calculated for VR headsets (with the HTC Vive now running 90fps, and the PSVR potentially up to 120fps for select titles).

"We think exclusives are "exclusionary, ' but given that we'll be shipping a cross-platform engine to all developers it will be their choice". Bell said that they now have the design of the Mad Box all specced out and are now in discussions with manufacturing partners.

If the investment is there, however - or comes in off the back of Ian Bell's teasing tweet - we could see a console come to market in the next few years, whether or not anyone buys it. Are you interested in getting the Mad Box? I am not trying to jinx the company but many major projects fall short plus all we have are vague details about the whole thing and in 3 years we will have the PlayStation 5, Xbox Scarlett and Nintendo Switch 2 for sure.

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