Trump names Heather Nauert next United Nations ambassador

Trump names Heather Nauert next United Nations ambassador

Those officials include US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton, who are seeking to limit the power wielded by the US ambassador to the UN, CNN reported on Friday.

President Donald Trump has announced he will nominate State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert as the new USA ambassador to the United Nations. "She's very talented, very smart, very quick, and I think she's going to be respected by all".

If confirmed, she would replace outgoing ambassador, Nikki Haley, who is set to leave the post at the end of the year.

Nauert, who earlier this year had been considered a possible successor to White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, gained experience on diplomacy by working at the State Department, but she lacks the political and policy credentials of Haley, a former SC governor.

Nauert beat out other contenders for the position including: former White House advisor Dina Powell, U.S. Ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft, and U.S. Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell.

Although some have speculated that Haley may challenge Mr. Trump in 2020, Haley has said that she will support the president.

The Senate could poke holes in Nauert's confirmation process, especially if she stands by Pompeo's remarks about the United Nations last week.

Is Nauert up for the new role?

Trump to name Heather Nauert as UN ambassador tomorrow, reports say

There are also issues like: will Trump downgrade the UN Ambassador position to a Cabinet-level position that reports to Pompeo and what will be her stance on defending Israel? Haley had lobbied hard to get the resolution passed, but couldn't garner the two-thirds majority needed.

Haley herself arrived at the United Nations with little foreign policy experience beyond promoting worldwide investments in SC.

"In the absence of any actual diplomatic experience I suppose it's reassuring to United Nations supporters that she will arrive with no particular personal agenda", said Loren DeJonge Schulman, a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security.

Trump's announcement comes just a day after the USA lost a high-profile vote in the U.N. General Assembly for a resolution condemning the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

But the former television anchor has mostly avoided snafus, keeping regular press briefings concise and winning praise for her poise as she fields a dizzying array of foreign policy questions. Formerly a Fox News anchor, she came to the administration in 2017.

Mr. Trump slammed Mr. Sessions repeatedly for the past two years, finally asking for his resignation on the day after the midterm elections last month.

Heather Nauert, 48, has been nominated as United States ambassador to the UN, capping a swift rise through the administration's ranks. The former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations once said that if you lopped off the top 10 floors of the organisation's NY headquarters, it would make no difference. Nauert's performance as acting undersecretary of state was notable for its lack of accomplishments or even attention to the job.

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